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H. Catherine Belle
19 May 1988
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My name is Harriet and I am just a bit of a geek/fangirl/legend/insomniac/writer/liar.

This is me:

I live in merrye Englande, which is infinitely not as olde as I wish it were. My favourite thing to do in the world is daydream about the past, and in doing so imagine just how actually legendary it would be to live in the 11th/12th/13th/14th/15th/16th century. Then I backtrack and think the joyfulness of this might be slightly tempered by oppression, evil Norman landowners, succession crises, witch trials, famine, no makeup or showers, and so on. Ergo --- I would like to inhabit my own little world filled with just the right concentration of sexy chainmail-clad chevaliers, socialist outlaws, camp figures of authority, implied slash, and pretty dresses. Which I fully intend to continue doing for the rest of my days.

I am just a little bit in Love with certain historical figures. I'll defend Richard III to the death, and Robert Devereux was not a foolish cad, he was just high spirited! *Lovesss* Also, fictional characters. I am diggin' Robin Hood (who actually is my ideal man of all time), Sebastian Flyte, basically anyone from "Rocky Horror" (Riff-Raff!), and Silas from "The Da Vinci Code". >Fangirl<.

I often stay up all night, watch whole TV series on dvd in one sitting, have filmfests on my own, make fanvids/icons (and I do requests), beaver away at THE novel, buy notebooks and write in them at ungodly hours because I can't sleep unless I write down the thought buzzing round my brain, spend hours lurking on message boards reading every single thread. And yes, I write fanfiction. And yes, it is Slash.

I make icons.

Brushes by AbsoluteTrouble, Caitirin, Alapsuscalami, DamnIcons, David Lucena, Ewanism, Setine_Kitsune & StarlitDesigns. All wonderful.

I'm off to Oxford next year to read History. Just thinking about this makes me happy.

Talk! Add! :D

11th century, 12th century, 13th century, 14th century, 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, accents, albion, alexander the great, anglo-saxon mythology, anglo-saxons, anthony blanche, archery, brian de bois-guilbert, brideshead revisited, camaraderie, campness, camwhoring, celtic mythology, chainmail, chaucer, che guevara, cillian murphy, clannad, de bracy, death cab for cutie, disney, disney princesses, edward iv, edward norton, eleanor of aquitaine, elizabeth chadwick, excalibur, fangirlyness, fanvids, forests, gael garcia bernal, gerard butler, gregorian chants, guy of gisburne, hailes abbey, harry gregson williams, henry ii, henry vii, hephaistion, herne the hunter, historical fiction, history, holland, hugh dancy, icons, idlewild, ireland, israel, ivanhoe, james mcavoy, jesus christ superstar, judge frollo, katherine swynford, ken loach, king arthur, king john, kingdom of heaven, lancelot, living history, lurking, lusting after baddies, magna carta, medievalness, merlin, michael praed, middle english, mordred, mr tumnus, normans, notre dame cathedral, obsessing, old english, oxford university, paris, philippa gregory, pirates, plantagenets, quasimodo, re-enactors, reading, richard i, richard iii, richard o'brien, richard the lionheart, riff-raff, robert addie, robert devereux, robert dudley, robin hood, robin hood's clothes, robin of sherwood, rocky horror picture show, rome, rufus sewell, satire, saving private ryan, sebastian flyte, shakespeare, sharon penman, sir galahad, sir hiss, slashiness, summer festivals, taking back sunday, the canterbury tales, the chronicles of narnia, the clerk, the crusades, the london film festival, the merchant, the sheriff of nottingham, the sunne in splendour, the wife of bath, tristan & isolde, warwick castle, wells cathedral, will scarlet, william marshal, words, writing